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Although working in each domain has its set of pros and cons, healthcare and medical industries are widely acknowledged for high-paying jobs and stability, not to mention the nobility factor associated with it. Though the medicos and surgeons are central to the healthcare industry, the administrators, managers, and technology are equally important factors that essentially ensure the smooth running of facilities.

Apart from the primary functionality of the healthcare domain, which is a hospital in itself, there are various other entities attached to it to work as a whole.

It goes without saying that the healthcare industry needs one of the best software applications to maintain optimal management at hospitals. Having said that, all healthcare organizations have resorted to software applications to implement all its activities.

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Project Module for Manage My Patient Portal:

Patient Registration

(Patient Records)



(Regulatory Authorities, equipment vendors)


(Insurance Details)

What projects are offered in the Healthcare Industry?

The Healthcare industry is fraught with various entities to help the hospitals function smoothly. Taking up a healthcare project not only helps trainees gain complete command over the technology but also provides them with industry experience which adds immense value.

We, at NorthAmerica MedTech Group have been synonymous with providing software solutions to the healthcare industry. At present, we are handling the following projects in the healthcare domain: