About Us

North America MedTech Group has a proven track record in offering world-class real-time projects. In particular, our expertise lies in delivering numerous projects using a wide range of technologies such as Quality Assurance (QA), Selenium Automation, Business Analysis, and Java.

  • This project will be all about the patient portal and its a web-based application.
  • This mmp helps in reducing the paperwork and making the application online to be used by all age groups.
  • It makes the job of hospitals/clinic staff easy to maintain the records and also helps in keeping their patient’s records private.
  • The core concept of this application is to help the healthcare industry with the standards of their business in providing health information technology which presents numerous opportunities for improving and transforming healthcare which includes; reducing human errors, improving clinical outcomes, facilitating care coordination, improving practice efficiencies, and tracking data over time

What are the advantages of doing a real-time IT project in Healthcare?

Although working in each domain has its set of pros and cons, healthcare and medical industries are widely acknowledged for high paying jobs and stability, not to mention the nobility factor associated with it. Though the medicos and surgeons are central to the healthcare industry, the administrators, managers, and technology are equally important factors that essentially ensure the smooth running of facilities.